Awards Information

ND AWWA believes in recognizing people and organizations who have made significant contributions to the water industry. It is through their hard work and dedication that we have a water industry that we can be proud of.

The Operator’s Meritorious Service Award recognizes water supply or distribution operators who achieve special performance in one or more of the following areas:

    • Continuous compliance with public health standards in drinking water,
    • Consistent and outstanding contribution to plant maintenance,
    • Development of new and/or modified equipment or significant process modifications to provide for more efficient and/or effective treatment,
    • Special efforts in training operators,
    • Special acts not directly related to water treatment, but which demonstrate dedication to the public beyond normal operating responsibilities, and
    • Consistent and outstanding contribution to operation and/or maintenance of distribution lines, pump stations, and reservoirs.

Award Recipients
2023: James Kershaw, Bismarck
2022: Joe Rowell, Jamestown
2021: Alan Beyreis, Garrison
2020: Keith Olson, Harvey
2019: Randy Seelig, Lisbon
2018: Richard Jacobson, Hazen
2017: Gary Neuberger, Beulah
2016: Tom Nielson, Mayville
2015: Leo Murr, Wahpeton
2014: Rodney Arness, Minot
2013: Rodney Kalis, City of Grand Forks
2012: Kenneth Miskavige, City of Grafton
2011: Darrell Bullhead, Sr., Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
2010: Doug Neibauer, South Central Regional Water District
2009: Gary Zander, Mandan
2008: Donald Zhorela, Grand Forks
2007: Dennis Howey, Gwinner
2006: Jerome Olson, Traill Rural Water Users
2005: None
2004: Jerry Zander, Mandan
2003: None
2002: Gregg Christensen, Cass Rural Water Users
2001: None
2000: Arlis Bischoff, Grafton
1999: James Anderson, Hillsboro
1998: Gary Hager, Upper Souris Water Users Association
1997: Randy Loeslie, Grand Forks-Traill Water Users
1996: Jim Evenson, Grand Forks
1995: Byron Thronson, Minot
1994: Rick Gillund, Enderlin

The George Warren Fuller Award is presented annually by each AWWA section to a member for distinguished service in the water supply field in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, the brilliant diplomatic talent, and the constructive leadership that characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.

Award Recipients
2023: Jim Lennington
2022: None
2021: None
2020: None
2019: Joe Ferguson
2018: None
2017: Dr. Wei Lin
2016: Tim Paustian
2015: Duane Friesz
2014: Greg Wavra
2013: Brett Jochim
2012: Dean Sletten
2011: Meredith Quinn
2010: None
2009: Deon Stockert
2008: David Bruschwein
2007: Charlie Vein
2006: Rick Gillund
2005: Lisa Ansley
2004: Miranda Kleven
2003: Don Olafson
2002: Jack Long
2001: Pat Denne
2000: Larry Thelen
1999: Steve Burian
1998: Byron Thronson
1997: Mel Bullinger
1996: Hazel Sletten
1995: Dale Hanson
1994: Richard Wanner
1993: Ralph Riedinger

The Life Member Award is presented to those who have maintained AWWA membership for 30 years.

Award Recipients
2011: Gary Hager – Upper Souris Water Users District
2008: Tom Little – City of Mandan
2007: Randy Loeslie – City of Valley City 
2006: Mike Yavarow – City of Grand Forks

Each year, the ND AWWA presents the Drinking Water Taste Test Award to the city judged to have the best tasting drinking water. Competing cities submit water samples which are tested by a panel of judges at the North Dakota Water Pollution and Control Conference.

Award Recipients
2023: Fargo
2018: Bismarck
2017: Lisbon
2016: Mandan
2015: Valley City
2014: City of Fargo
2013: City of Medina
2012: City of Mayville
2011: City of Fargo
2010: City of Mayville
2009: City of Valley City
2008: City of Enderlin 
2007: City of Grand Forks
2006: City of Minot

The Gold Water Drop Award is given to recognize members who have provided valuable service and support for AWWA programs and goals through their long standing Association membership. Eligibility for the award requires that the individual be a member in good standing who has maintained active membership for 50 years.

Award Recipients
2007: Kenneth (Ken) Ruby

AWWA Honorary Membership is presented to individuals whose knowledge and accomplishments in the field of water supply entitle them to special recognition. 

Award Recipients
2009: Steve Burian